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We are Klevret,
Not Klevert, Nor Klever  Crossed 1 Crossed 2

Indeed, we are CLEVER, and you will not go wrong with choosing us.

Why Choose Us?
Work Environment

Klevret’s work environment promotes employee’s growth and goal attainment by making the team feel safe and comfortable. The positive atmosphere encourages the team to perform to their highest ability and develop their strengths.

A Sense Of Community

Rather than just an organization, Klevret provides its workers a sense of belonging in the company. Having this trait unites the team and gives it opportunities to connect with each other and fulfil their needs through cooperation.

Learning & Development

The systematic process of learning and development at Klevret is an organizational trait of the company. It aims to implement learning strategies for the team and simultaneously evaluate individual development to enhance the skills and competences resulting in better performance in the workplace.

Unified Purpose

Regardless employees at Klevret work on different projects and possess individual skills, the team has a sense of unified purpose which drives the team to success. It makes the work feel meaningful and the management of projects proceeds smoothly.

Klevret's Milestones
Tip Of The Iceberg
Ljupcho Hristov
Chief Operations Officer
Metodi Erdelski
Chief Technology Officer
Yoana Vuchkova
Operations Manager
Ivet Arabova
Business Developer
Stanislav Terziyski
Backend Lead
Hristo Atanasov
Frontend Lead
Nadezhda Botseva
QA Lead
Want To Join Us?

At Klevret, we believe in building a team of passionate individuals who are dedicated to making a difference. If you're enthusiastic, ready to learn, and share our commitment to excellence, we'd love to have you on board.